How to use AI Content generation

The speed with which newsworthy things are happening around us is ever increasing. Newsrooms and editors feel crunched for time when trying to stay on top of events and constantly produce content at an incredible speed. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At least not for our customers.

We have brought to you the power of AI to supercharge your content creation workflow, and help you produce quality content almost as fast as you can think. You just need to think of ideas and the AI will do the rest.

How to enable AI content feature
If you would like to start using the AI content feature in your organization, you first need to enable it by going to Settings > General > AI > Generate content with AI section (as shown in the image below).


How to customize the AI content prompt
You also have the ability to customize the prompt used for the AI model for generating the content. You can do so by going to Settings > General > AI > Generate content with AI section (as shown in the image above). You can customize the prompt for different parts of the AI content feature separately. The different parts of the AI content feature are covered later in this article. We discourage changing the prompts unless you are quite well-versed with creating prompts for AI models. We advise our customers to initially use the feature with the default prompt.

If in case you change the prompt, and it doesn’t seem to be working out, you can go back to the default prompt as shown below. 

Rewrite prompt: “Please rephrase the following text. Ensure that your response is in the same language as the initial text I have provided

Translate prompt: “Translate the given text

Summarize prompt: “Please provide a summary of the given text in the same language as the initial text I have provided.


How to generate content for your articles
Once you’ve enabled the AI content feature from settings, you can start using it to generate content for your articles. You can do so by clicking on the “Generate content” button to the right of the Editor. 

After you click on the “Generate Content” button, a pop-up (shown in image below) will appear where you can choose how you want to generate content by clicking on the relevant tab. You have 5 options: “Translate, Rewrite, Generate, Summarize, and Custom”.

Translate: This option allows you to translate any text or link in your desired available language. The available languages are Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can use it to translate content from publications in other languages and create your own content in a different language.

Rewrite: This option allows you to rewrite any text or link in other words. You may use this option to write content inspired by other sources without breaching their copyright.

Generate: This option allows you to generate an article. You simply need to input the title of the article you wish to generate and the article will be generated.

Summarize: This option allows you to summarize any text or link and create a short summary. 


Custom: This option gives you flexibility to write your own prompt for the AI model and generate responses. You may want to familiarize yourself with writing prompts for GPT in order to effectively use this option.
For example: You could write the prompt “Give me 10 article title ideas to write about F1” to generate ideas for F1 articles. 

Note: Please read the output from AI before using it in your content, especially when generating content using links. AI can be very advanced but is still prone to giving unexpected results. For example it may include irrelevant information like non-article content when generating content using links.

Once you choose your preferred option you can generate content by providing the relevant input, and let AI do the rest.

You can also minimize the AI content generation pop-up to work on something else while it generates the content using the minimize option in the top right side of the pop-up. 

Note: There is a limit of 32000 characters on the combined length of the input and output processed by the AI model. This is a limit with the external AI model we use and we can’t do much here. So, if the length of your input (determined majorly by the text you provide directly or via a link) is more than 32000 characters, you won’t be able to use the AI content feature (this also holds true for our other AI features). If the length of your input and output combined is more than the limit, then only part of the output and not the entire output will be generated.