How to show Ads to vistors who are using an Adblocker

With Newsifier it is possible to show Ads to people who are using an Adblocker by inserting an alternative Ad that is shown to people when they are using an Adblocker, like images with a link or text links.

For every Ad position, we have created an Adblock alternative field where you can display an alternative Ad that will be shown if an Adblocker is blocking the first Ad. This helps ensure that your website still generates revenue from advertising even for visitors who are using Adblockers.

You can also use this Adblocker position to show a message to your visitors where you ask them to turn off their Adblockers.

It is important to understand that in this Adblock alternative field, you can only add simple images with a link behind them or text links but no Ads that are served by an Ad network (like Google Adsense, Outbrain, or Refinery89). Because Adblockers block these.