How to get a RSS feed of your website?

RSS Feeds

To access the specific RSS feeds, you can add specific things at the end of the sitemap. To locate the sitemap of your website simply add "/sitemap/" to the end of your domain. For instance, if your website is, the sitemap would be located at

Below you can find instructions on accessing specific RSS feeds.

Gives the article for the last two days

Gives the articles for the last 28 days

Gives the latest 20 articles from the last 28 days

Gives the latest 20 articles from the last 28 days along with the HTML tags. However, the standard sitemap protocol search engines use does not accommodate HTML tags within the URL entries. HTML tags are used to style and format content on a webpage, not within an XML sitemap. If you're looking to create a sitemap-like structure that includes styled HTML content for each article, this would not be a traditional sitemap and would not be recognized by search engines as such.

Gives the recent x no. of articles from last 24 hours ordered by number of views. So most viewed at top. You can define the number of articles in Settings > General > Main > Amount of articles in lists and widgets > Articles are shown in popular news articles block (sidebar)

Gives the recent 100 pages (can include any page such as contact etc.)

Gives articles with specific tag. By adding ?tag=[tag_name] after the "news.xml" or "news_full.xml", it will return articles related to that tag. Note that it only works with "news.xml" and "news_full.xml" RSS feeds. For example: