How our customer service works - Report bugs, ask questions and make feature requests


At Newsifier, we want to provide the best customer service possible so you can grow and don't have to worry about all the technical hassle of managing a news publishing business. This guide explains how you can submit issues and how we handle your requests.

Questions, bugs, and feature requests

We have different support channels for bugs, feature requests, and questions. 

All bugs can be reported via So when something is not working well on your website or in your mobile app, then you can send us a ticket there.

We will respond to your submitted issue within 24 hours on working days.

Feature requests
When you have a feature request like an idea for a new feature or an idea to change or enhance an existing feature, you can also send this feature request via In that case, please select ‘Feature request’ as the tag.
We will respond to your submitted issue within 24 hours on working days.

Do you have a question that is not a bug or a feature request then you can send us an email at You can also use when you have an issue where you need to connect an external company (like for example your Advertising Agency) then you can also use and put them in the CC.

So please only use this channel for questions and submit bugs and feature requests via

We will respond to questions submitted via within 48 hours on working days.

Sending bugs and feature requests via

1. How we handle incoming issues

When you encounter an issue and submit a ticket via, our first step is to understand your request clearly. Depending on the clarity of the issue reported, we might:

  • Ask for additional information, such as screenshots or screencast videos, if the issue is unclear.
  • Ask follow-up questions to understand your issue better. Proceed directly to the next step (researching and replicating the bug) and start solving your issue if the issue is 100% clear

So please always provide as much information as possible. Like screenshots, screencast video and the exact steps you have taken before you encountered the issue.

Also please  note that if we don’t get an answer within 7 days on follow up questions asked, we will archive the ticket to keep our list of tickets clean and organized

2. How we fix issues

Once we understand the issue you’ve submitted. We will decide if we see this as a high priority issue or low priority issue.

  • Low-priority bugs or new features are added to our backlog and will normally be picked up withiin a few weeks or months
  • High-priority bugs will be added to the current development sprint and will normally be solved in a few days until 14 days, depending on the urgency of this issue

3. Communication about issues

Once an issue you have submitted is marked as fixed, you'll receive an automated message confirming that your issue has been fixed. Following this, our software tester will conduct a final test on your production environment to ensure everything has been successfully resolved and will inform you about the outcome.

What does the statuses of the tickets mean in Featurebase?

  • Planned: For new features that have been added to our roadmap.
  • In Review: For submitted issues that we are reviewing
  • In Progress: For issues that are being worked on by our development team.
  • Completed: For issues that have been solved 
  • Archived: For issues that are no longer active and have been closed