How to filter through user comments

By default, we first show the “For review” filter and list all comments under this filter. It includes all comments where some moderation action is required. 


The “For review” filter combines all comments left by New users, comments flagged by other users, or comments containing forbidden words. 


Here’s what all the different filters mean:



The All filter includes all existing comments on the website. This includes comments already live on the website plus everything pending moderation, including flagged comments, comments from new users or comments containing forbidden words. 

For review


The review filter shows all comments which require additional moderation. This includes comments from new users, comments that contain forbidden words or comments flagged by other users. 



This filter contains all the comments which have been flagged by other users. On the front end, once a user is logged in, they can flag other user comments. If a comment is flagged by other users, it’ll be moved under this filter. 

New users


You can define whether new users’ comments are automatically flagged for review in the settings (explained below). If this setting is enabled, new user comments will be “shadowed” - they will be visible to the user leaving them but not to other users. The main reason behind this is that we’re still unsure of a new user's intentions - i.e., spam, trolling, etc. 

Forbidden words


Any time a specifically forbidden word is mentioned in a comment, it can get hidden automatically and moved into the moderation queue. Meaning it’ll be visible to the user who left the comment but not to other users. 


If a forbidden word is triggered, the comment will also be moved into the moderation queue and will be visible under both “For review” and “Forbidden words” filters.  

To define or edit the list of “forbidden words, you can open the “Forbidden words” tab found under the Moderation menu. 



This moderation filter's main idea is to be able to automatically “disapprove” comments that could potentially contain harmful or spammy content, like pharma, casino, adult etc. 




Any time a shadow-banned user leaves a comment, it will only be visible to that user and not to other users on the platform. All the comments from all the shadow-banned users can be viewed using this filter.