How Newsifier Handles Data Backup and Recovery

At Newsifier, we know how important it is to keep your data safe and make sure it can be quickly restored if something goes wrong. Here's how we do it:

File Storage

  1. Multiple Copies on Different Servers:
    • We keep our files on many different servers. This means if one server has a problem, the files are still safe and available on other servers.
    • Additionally, we store copies of these files on GitHub, an online platform that adds another layer of safety.

Database Backups

Backups in a Different Location:

  • We save copies of our databases in a separate location from where our main servers are. This way, if something happens to our main servers, the backups are still safe and can be accessed easily.
  • We make these backups regularly, several times a week. This means if there's a problem, we can restore the data to how it was a day, two days, or even up to seven days ago.

Successful Recovery Tests:

  • We've practiced restoring our data from these backups multiple times, so we know it works well. This gives us confidence that we can quickly recover everything if there's an issue.

Resource Management

  1. Storing Resources in the Cloud:
    • All our images and other important files are stored in the cloud. This means they are not just on one computer or server but spread out and backed up in several places. If something goes wrong, these resources are still safe and available.

These steps ensure that your data with Newsifier is secure and can be quickly restored in case of any issues.