How can I change the menu items on the website?

Within Newsifier you can add and delete menu items within seconds. Or change the position of menu items with our drag and drop feature. Below we explain how you do this.

How to add or edit a new menu item?

Go in the main menu of the admin to Settings --> Menus. Here you see an overview of all active menus on your website (and mobile apps if you have these). 

To add or edit a menu item of one of these menus click on Add menu item. 

Then fill in: 

-The name of the menu item

-The menu you want to add the menu item to

-The destination. So if the menu item needs to open in the same window or a new window.

-The target. You can link a menu item to a URL, page, article, tag page etc.



Click Save to add the menu item to the menu.

How can I change the position of menu items in the menu?

You can change the order of the menu items by simply dragging and dropping the menu item to a new position.

It is also possible to create submenu items under the main menu items. To create a submenu item, you first create a regular menu item and then drag it under the main menu item. It is only possible to create submenu items if your design supports this.

How can you delete a menu item?

You can delete a menu item by simply clicking on the delete icon next to the menu item

Which menus are there within Newsifier?

Main menu

The main menu is displayed at the top of every page and is the website's main navigation. This menu is visible on both desktop and mobile. The main menu will be scrollable sideways on mobile phones if the number of menu items doesn't quite fit the width.

Footer menu.

The footer menu appears at the very bottom of every page. It is typically used to add menu items such as Terms and Conditions, About Us, Contact, and Privacy.


The footer sitemap is also displayed in the footer (above the footer menu). It can be used to display links to the website's main pages. A good footer sitemap is vital for SEO. It creates many important backlinks from the front page to the website's main pages. 

Mobile menu

The mobile menu is only visible when you view the website on a mobile device. When the visitor uses the website on their mobile device, the website switches to mobile mode. In this mobile mode, the main menu at the top of the page is still visible at the top of the screen (and becomes scrollable when it doesn't fit in width).

But in addition to this scrollable menu at the top of the page, a so-called hamburger menu (the three horizontal bars) also appears in the top left.