How to add a Product review to your Article?

Product review widget
Quite often, our customers write articles that are based entirely on or somewhat related to a product, and they believe they can generate more engagement with the content by providing an organized product review summary of the product in their article. So, we have built a product review widget that allows our customers to present all the necessary information about their products, which they might want to review. The widget is straightforward to implement and can be accessed through the “+” add components option in the article editor. 

How to add a product review to your article?
To add a product review to your article, simply click on the “+” in the editor where you want to add the review. After clicking, you’ll see a dialog box where you can fill in all the information you would like to add about your product review. You can add the following points to your product review.

Required information
1. Name of the product
2. Overall score
3. Overall description

Optional information
4. Price 
5. Image
6. Subratings (up to 5) 
7. Subrating scores on a scale of 5
8. Subrating descriptions
9. Positive points (up to 5)
10. Negative points (up to 5)

What does the product review widget look like on the website?
The widget will be shown inside the article in the same position as you add it to the editor inside the CMS. The product review widget looks like as shown below.