How can I set up the advertisements on my website?

To be able to run advertisements (Ads) on your website, you need to:

-Fill in advertisement codes inside the Ad positions inside the CMS. By filling in Ad codes inside the Ad positions, Ads will appear on your website. These Ad codes can also be simple images with a link behind

But when you work with Ad Networks (like Google Adsense or Outbrain), you also need to:

-Fill in head codes into the CMS to ensure your Ads will be displayed well on the website. 

-Add Ads.txt code to the CMS. Adding Ads.txt code will help ensure the quality of the ads on your website and maximize your earnings by allowing you to declare which companies are authorized to sell advertising on your platform and prevent fraudulent advertisements from being sold on your website

See this video for more information about adding Ads to your website: