How to define rules for individual users

The moderation feature also allows specific actions to be taken towards individual users, for example, if they consistently break the rules.

In the main Comments tab, where all comments are visible, individual user details and their activity can be unveiled on the right-hand side once you click on an individual comment. 



This will display the user’s activity, such as when they joined, how many comments they have left, where other users have flagged their comments and whether they have been banned before. 

For each user, the following options are available:



Here, you can give the user a “timeout” or, otherwise said,  restrict them from leaving comments for a specific period. You can also specify the reason for giving this timeout, which the user will see with the notification. 

Shadow ban



This option will essentially ban the user from leaving comments in the future. They will still be able to see their comments, but they won’t be visible to other users.