How to share Analytics with Newsifier

This little tutorial describes how you can share your current Analytics account with Newsifier.

At Newsifier, we use Analytics to get insight into the performance of your webpage. In many cases, new customers already have an Analytics property. For these customers, we'd like to ask you to share this property so we can get access to it.

First, navigate to your Analytics account, in many cases, it's as simple as navigating to Once you are there click on the admin button on the left bottom of your screen as you can see below.

To add a user, click on the menu item Account Access Management in the left column.

A pop-up will now open that shows the current users that have access to this Analytics property. Click on the blue plus-sign on the right top and click on Add users.

A new pop-up will appear, at the input field of the email address please fill in and give this user the Editor role. Click on Add, a new user now has been added. You are all done now.